Dr.-Ing. Hendra Kesuma (Founder and Motivator)
E-Mail: kesuma@bremen-dynamics.com
Mobile: 0176 7060 4240

Currently he is serving as Research and Development Manager at AES Aircraft Elektro/Elektronik System GmbH and is working closely with Airbus Group, Ariane Group and University of Bremen to create new solution for European Aerospace Industries.

He began working in Space Industries in the early of 2010's. He received his German Diploma and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Bremen.

During the past decade, his work has focused upon developing cutting edge space technologies at EADS Astrium GmbH, Airbus-Safran Launcher GmbH, Airbus Defence & Space GmbH and Ariane Group GmbH in Germany. Various projects on space robotic, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, wireless sensor network, and energy harvesting have been successfully carried out with significant contribution to scientific community.

He produced dozens of patents on space radiation protection, Cryogenic Propellant Tank, thermoelectric generator, wireless communication, wireless energy transfer and chip architecture that initiated number of projects to enhance European space industries.

He also founded Bremen Dynamics in 2016 located at University Bremen Campus to motivate and prepare students for their future Start-up.

He is one of the Book Authors about Ariane Lauchers Technologies with contribution to scientific community

He is one of the initiator to realize Artificial Intelligence Application for enhancing Space Computer System

He is also one of the innovative inventors on European Space Technologies. Some of his area of invention are:

Method for active cosmic radiation protection:

Method for passive cosmic radiation protection:

Method for transferring Energy and Information with LASER for Satellites:

Method for Wireless Energy transmission in Ariane 5:

Cryogenic Propellant Tank with a measurement Module:

Method and Arrangement for Converting Heat to Electrical Energy:

MEMS Technology for thin film Thermoelectric Generator:

Low Power Sensor Node Architecture (Microchip)

Wireless Sensor Network Architecture for Space Craft:

German's Patent Office search engine:

E-Mail: info@bremen-dynamics.com